Fishing Baits

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Fishing Baits

Anglers use bait in order to lure a fish to bite their hook. But, not all bait is created equal and there are several different varieties. When choosing which fishing bait to use, there are several things to take into consideration.

This includes what type of fish you want to catch. Below is a breakdown of several different types of bait that fishermen can use when fishing for that trophy.


Worms are probably the most well known fishing bait available. Worms are:

  • Abundant
  • Easy to Collect
  • Inexpensive

Worms also catch a wide variety of fish. Crawlers are great when fishing for walleye or bass and red wriggler worms are fantastic for catching sunfish and trout. Remember, only put a small piece of worm on your hook. If the worm is too long, the fish will just nibble away until only a small nub is left!


Leeches are a great bait for catching walleye and pike. Leeches will keep for many days if you refrigerate them. They attract fish by swimming and wriggling in the water. Remember, do not move them through the water faster than they would naturally swim.


Minnows are live baby fish that attracts larger fish with their natural swimming motions. Take care when placing a minnow on your hook. You do not want to slice through their spinal cord because this will paralyze your bait.