Fishing Reels

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Fishing Reels

There are many different types of fishing reels. Each serves its own purpose. So, prior to purchasing a new reel, first think about what you will be using it for! Take a look at the following to determine what you need:

  • Spincast Reel – This reel is commonly used when fishing for bluegill, crappie and other panfish.
  • Spinning Reel – This reel is the most popular, but isn’t recommended for a beginner to use.
  • Bait Casting Reel – This attaches to a bait casting rod, is more expensive and difficult to use.
  • Fly Reel – Often used for fly fishing, this reel has traditionally been made rather simply in terms of its mechanical construction.
  • Centerpin Reel – This reel is in many ways similar to an oversized large arbor fly reel.

Choosing the Best Reel for YOU

With the variety of reels available on the market, it is sometimes hard to choose what is best for your fishing needs. Here is a breakdown of what you may want to think about before purchasing that reel.

  • First you must know what type of fish you want to catch.
  • Think about the size and species of fish that is common to the area in which you live.

There are so many different types of fishing rods on the market. Depending upon what kind of fishing you will be doing and how experienced an angler you are will depend upon what type of rod you will purchase.

  • Think about what types of lures or bait you will be casting. Spinning reels work best for small lures and baits. Baitcasters favor heavier lures and bait.
  • Finally, think about your preference in a reel. This should be the final decider in which reel to purchase.