Fishing Rods

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Fishing Rods

When determining which fishing rod to purchase, you have to think about what species of fish you will be using it for and what type of lure or bait you will be using.

For example, when fishing for panfish, you will be using light lures or small minnows. Your rod should be lightweight enough for casting and detecting bites.

Matching Your Fishing Rod to Your Reel

When shopping for that perfect reel to go on your rod, you will encounter the fact that the same reel comes in different sizes. This is usually based on the capacity of the spool. Larger reels can apply more drag for catching larger fish. Spool capacity is given in length and pound-test of the fishing line. The stronger the line, the less line will fit on your spool. You will want to choose a reel that easily handles the fishing line that is recommended for your fishing rod.

Rod Set-up Options

There are so many different types of fishing rods on the market. Depending upon what kind of fishing you will be doing and how experienced an angler you are will depend upon what type of rod you will purchase.

  • Spincasting – Preferred set-up for the beginning angler. Helps to teach the mechanics of casting.
  • Spinning – This set-up allows for a fixed spool reel design that is mounted below the rod with a wire bail that is used to recover the line.
  • Baitcasting – Great for several types of fishing and come in a variety of options. The reel is mounted above the rod and allow the angler to move the rod backward and then snapping the rod forward.