Fishing Tackle

Great Lakes Tackle

Fishing Baits

Fishing tackle consists of a wide variety of items that the angler will need in his arsenal prior to going on a fishing trip. Great Lakes Tackle is your one stop in providing you with the multitude of options available when stalking that water trophy. Here is a breakdown of the fishing tackle options that we have to offer.

  • Worms – most well-known live bait that is great for catching a wide variety of fish
  • Leeches – great for catching walleye and pike
  • Minnows – baby fish that attract larger fish

Fishing Lures

Anglers use bait in order to lure a fish to bite their hook. But, not all bait is created equal and there are several different varieties. When choosing which fishing bait to use, there are several things to take into consideration. This includes what type of fish you want to catch. Below is a breakdown of several different types of bait that fishermen can use when fishing for that trophy.

  • Fishing Jigs – can be used to catch nearly every kind of freshwater fish
  • Poppers – great for catching panfish and fish that feed on the surface
  • Spoons – mimic the swimming actions of baitfish and minnows
  • Plugs – designed to be used on top of the water or to dive deep below the surface
  • Spinners – blades spin or revolve around a wire shaft and move through the water
  • Plastic Baits – look like worms, minnows and crayfish and can be scented in order to attract fish